Portfolio Stress Testing for the Pandemic Webinar Now Available

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the banking industry into turmoil with many customers having to close their doors, resulting in missed payments and uncertain futures. Deferrals and workouts are a certainty, but how can a bank quickly identify the areas of the portfolio that will be more impacted than others? The answer is stress testing, and Ardmore Banking Advisors has been on the forefront of this process for years, having developed a proprietary tool in 2008 that allows financial institutions to quickly and accurately run shock tests on their portfolio to reveal the hidden weaknesses that could be exacerbated by a prolonged downturn. This webinar, originally presented on Friday, April 1

Bank Director Magazine Publishes Article by Ardmore Founder T. Alexander Spratt

We are pleased to announce that Bank Director magazine has recently published an article written by Ardmore Banking Advisors Founder & President, T. Alexander Spratt. The article, "Directors’ Defense Against the Pandemic Impact on Credit", discusses the possibility of an economic crisis developing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how such an event can differ from a conventional economic downturn. Mr. Spratt also details traits exhibited by banks who are better equipped to survive a downturn, options for financial institutions to weather the storm and some proactive steps banks can take to better position themselves for the coming months. To read the full article, please click here.

Ardmore Presents Portfolio Stress Testing for the Pandemic Webinar

Portfolio Stress Testing for the Pandemic - Friday, April 17th at 1 PM EST Click Here to Register As the industry is embroiled in the worst economic crisis of a generation, the use of portfolio stress testing (“sensitivity shocks”) can help banks identify dangerous vulnerabilities and potential capital shortfall in their portfolios. By segmenting the portfolio into key CRE property types and C & I industry categories, and then simulating the impact of loss of income or collateral on those borrowers, banks can get a directionally correct view of their potential critical areas to address as the crisis unfolds. Join Ardmore Banking Advisors – nationally recognized thought leaders in portfoli

Update on Ardmore's COVID-19 Response

A message from T. Alexander (Sandy) Spratt, Founder & President of Ardmore Banking Advisors The news on Covid-19 is getting worse every day from many states, the Federal government, Moody’s, the news services, CPA firms, and other professionals. This appears to be something that will be with us into the summer or longer. It is quite apparent that the very expansive Stimulus package may be insufficient, and that we may be facing an extended global recession. At Ardmore, the executive management team meets daily to evaluate any impact to Ardmore, our people, and our clients. We also meet weekly with our senior credit professional leadership team, and monthly with our entire company, to enhan

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