“When I became Chief Risk Officer at TriState Capital Bank [in 2014], I commissioned a consultant to review the work product of Ardmore Banking Advisors, which had been conducting loan review for the bank for the previous five years.


The consultant independently confirmed my observations that Ardmore was the most professional loan review company that I had seen in over thirty years as a regulator. In testing Ardmore’s work he observed that they were thorough, insightful, and provided useful commentary regarding underwriting and credit administration to our bank; assessments that I agree with having now worked with Ardmore directly. ”

-Mel Washington, Chief Risk Officer, TriState Capital Bank

Loan review is the signature service of Ardmore Banking Advisors.  We have provided commercial and consumer loan review to hundreds of banks since 1991, and assisted them in achieving operational efficiency, improving performance and enhancing profitability through outsourcing.  In the nearly 30 years of our company's history, we have built an impeccable reputation recognized by regulators, financial institutions, trade associations and CPA firms.  

Our loan review consultants have all accumulated significant experience during their former careers as banking and regulatory executives (e.g. Board Chair, Director, President, CEO, CLO, CRO, CFO, CCO, etc.) in multiple specialties to assure an understanding of clients' credit risk management and provide value-added commentary within the context of a loan review.  

All of our loan review assignments begin with a meeting between the Ardmore Relationship Manager (RM) and key Bank representatives to ensure that all expectations for the engagement are reviewed, and Ardmore meets with the Bank upon conclusion of the field work to communicate findings and recommendations prior to report delivery.  Throughout the review and report-writing process, Ardmore's strict quality control process supplements the on-site RM's management, ensuring a superior level of accuracy and substantive reports.  

Our cyber security protocol is comprehensive and provides a high level of safety for ABA and its clients’ confidential and private information, so you can be assured that your data is in the best of hands and will not be compromised.  

Every one of our loan review engagements is customized specifically for each client, ensuring that the scope provides an accurate evaluation of our clients' designated areas of concern, and, in most cases, every loan review achieves the following objectives:

  • Provides Bank management and the Board of Directors with objective analysis regarding the quality of the lending function and the quality of assets

  • Validates the accuracy of the Bank's risk rating system and the ratings on specific credits

  • Identifies structural weaknesses in the underwriting of Commercial loans

  • Determines whether loans are properly approved and compliant with conditions of approval

  • Reviews lending administration for adherence to established Bank lending policies and procedures, including exceptions to credit policies and underwriting guidelines, and adequacy of credit files

  • Identifies actual and potential problem loans on a timely basis and determines adequacy of supervision

  • If the Bank chooses, Ardmore can also provide an ALLL methodology review

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Using myLoanReview, our proprietary loan review platform and selected digital loan files, Ardmore is able to provide its unparalleled loan review and quality control functions remotely, ensuring a more efficient, less intrusive review than conventional onsite work, giving your financial institution a chance to realize cost savings

Digital loan files can be accessed via hard disc, imaging system or uploaded to Ardmore’s secure portal, so there are a number of ways that your institution can use our off-site loan review services, even if you don't have scanned files.  

In addition, the increased efficiency of the review process combined with the elimination of our staff's travel expenses results in monetary savings for your institution, and the outsourced aspect of the engagement frees your institution's internal resources to perform other duties.  

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